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Tower of Terror

Tower Of Terror Logo

Tower Of Terror, Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Australia

Riding the fastest, tallest thrill ride in the southern hemisphere, Dreamworld's Tower of Terror, is an experience like no other. Peaking at 38 stories high and stretching the equivalent of three football fields across the park, the Tower of Terror is the world's leading edge thrill ride, achieving unprecedented speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

Tower Of Terror Car

Thrill Ride Facts
Tower Of Terror Facts

Type of Attraction:
Reverse Freefall

Height: 377 feet
Max drop: 328 feet
Descent angle: 90°
G-force: 4.5 G's
Top speed: 100 mph
Length: 1,235 feet

0 to 100 mph in 7 sec.

Zero Gravity Freefall:
6.5 seconds

Ride Vehicles:
Two Six-Ton, 15-Passenger Trains

Cost of Attraction:
$16 million

Opening Date:
January 23, 1997

Coaster Designer:
Intamin AG

Gold Coast, Australia

High Tech Thrills

Looking Up The Tower

The Tower of Terror is the most technologically advanced thrill ride in the world. A unique, state-of-the-art linear motor system propels the ride to reach unprecedented speeds of up to 100 m.p.h. To generate these intense speeds, an incredible 2,200,000 watts (2.2 megawatts) of power, enough to supply a small town, are applied for six or seven seconds. This momentarily doubles Dreamworld's power usage.

The Tower of Terror's horizontal track acts like a series of powerful magnets, forcing the metallic vehicle forward with a series of ever-increasing electric charges, the same magnetic forces are reversed to create a braking system as the ride speeds to its dramatic conclusion.

Tower Under Construction

Track Up-Close

Tower of Terror Construction Facts

More than 600 tons of steel was used to construct the Tower of Terror, with around 450 tons for the 38 story tower alone.

One hundred and seventy-five concrete trucks delivered the 3,500 tons of concrete used to build Tower of Terror.

Over 16,000 bolts hold the structure together.

The futuristic steel passenger vehicle weighs around six tons. The car is equipped with four large wheels measuring 600 millimeters in diameter at the front and 900 millimeters at the rear.

To generate the maximum speed a unique, state-of-the-art linear motor system is used to propel the 6 ton trains carrying up to 15 passengers.

The full life of the magnets used to power the Tower of Terror is estimated to be 1.2 million years.

The ride's magnets are so strong they would need to be winched apart should two opposite poles ever be put together.

The Tower of Terror cost $16 million to build.

You can experience the Tower of Terror at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast in Australia. Next time you stop down in the land down under, be sure grap your mates and take a ride on the Tower Of Terror.