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Rock-O-Plane Photos

The Everly Rock-O-Plane is a classic amusement ride that is very similar to a Ferris wheel, but the individual enclosed gondolas that are designed to rock and even flip as the wheel revolves.
Lagoon Park Rock-O-Plane
Rock-O-Plane 1
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Rock-O-Plane
Rock-O-Plane 2
Thrillride Facts
Rock-O-Plane Facts

A locking device that lets riders lock the gondola position. Using it you can ride the Rock-O-Plane upside down or in any of a number of awkward positions.

30 feet

16 passengers in 8 gondolas

Each gondola seats two riders, abreast on one bench seat.

Ride Designer:
Everly Aircraft

Ride Location:
Lagoon Park

Ride Location:
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Photos by Eric Gieszl. Copyright © 2006, 2007 Ultimate Rollercoaster.