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Photo gallery for the Demon Drop ride at Cedar Point

Demon Drop
Demon Drop 1
Thrillride Facts
Demon Drop Facts

Cedar Point celebrated Demon Drop's 20th anniversary in 2003.

Demon Drop simulates a freefall from the top of a ten story building. Riders seated in four-passenger cars ascend to a height of 131 feet before plunging down ten stories reaching a top speed of 55 mph.

Ride Facts
Height: 131 feet
Vertical Drop: 60 feet
Freefall: 2.5 seconds
Total Descent: 99 feet
Top Speed: 55 mph

Ride Designer:
Intamin AG of Switzerland

Capital Investment:
$2.5 million in 1983

Ride Location:
Cedar Point

Photos by Eric Gieszl. Copyright © 2001 Ultimate Rollercoaster.
Demon Drop logo courtesy of Cedar Point. All rights reserved.