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Stratosphere Tower Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is no other place like Las Vegas, nor any other Hotel and Casino like the Stratosphere Las Vegas.

This iconic attraction, plus hotel and casino is located on the northern portion of the legendary Las Vegas Strip. The hotel has accommodations in 2,427 guest rooms and at street level there is 80,000 square-feet of gaming space. The iconic 1,149-foot tall Stratosphere Tower is not only the tallest structure in Vegas, but it's also the 9th tallest freestanding structure in the United States.

If you dare enter the tower and reach the top, you will find the ultimate thrill rides for extreme adrenaline enthusiasts. The Stratosphere Tower has four rides at the top of the tower and what the amusement rides lack in number, they make up for in thrills.

Starting with the Big Shot, the highest thrill ride in the world thrusts riders from a platform located approximately 94- feet high to over a whopping 1,050-feet above the city floor. You will experience 4 Gs as you rise 160-feet at 45 miles-per-hour before suddenly dropping right back down.

The X-Scream is a giant seesaw (tetter-totter) on steroids with a vehicle that rides in a back and forth motion along the steel rail. Strapped in the tosses you over the edge of the tower headfirst, suspending you for several seconds, before it draws you back and then thrusts you out again. It's certainly not recommended for those who are afraid of heights.

The Insanity thrill ride is a spinner that extends out 64-feet from the towers edge. With nothing between you and ground the ride rotates, spreading the arms out until you are at a 70-degree angle looking straight down. You will experience 3 Gs of force while spinning round and round.

Finally, SkyJump is the highest controlled free-fall descent in the world. Following a safety lesson, you'll be suited up to step over the edge to jump off the tower and free-fall down over 850 feet. It's the fastest way to the bottom and for thrill-seekers it's certainly the preferred way down over the elevator.

Stratosphere Tower also includes the tallest observation deck in the United States with both indoor and outdoor viewing areas for those who'd rather enjoy the views without a rush of adrenaline. For your dining pleasure the gourmet Top of the World revolving restaurant has the best view in Las Vegas and the Level 107 Lounge is the "in place" to sip drinks and eat appetizers while taking in the extraordinary view.

Parking at Stratosphere is free. Thrill rides are priced individually or as a package in addition to the tower admission fee. An unlimited ride ticket plus tower admission, excluding the SkyJump, is available.

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Park Information

Park type: Attraction
Opening year: 1996
Attractions: 4
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Park Location

2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Phone: (702) 382-4446

Map & Directions

Stratosphere Tower Hotel & Casino Location Map & Directions

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