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Screamin' Swings

Liseberg, Mount Olympus, Silver Dollar City

S&S Swing Rides Soar at Amusement Parks Around The Globe

Screamin' Swing S&S Power

It's the season again when exciting new attractions debut at amusement parks. With summer just weeks away, parks have begun to unveil their latest attractions that are designed with one basic thing in mind - to thrill park guests.

One popular amusement ride recently has been the "Screamin' Swing" ride from S&S Power. Powered by compressed air, this swing ride is already thrilling guests in 15 parks worldwide and will be appearing in three more parks starting this summer.

Screamin Swing Liseberg
Screamin' Swing at Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg, Sweden. Enlarge

Riders on Liseberg Screamin Swing
Mats Wedin, President and CEO of Liseberg joins other park officials for a ride on their new Screamin' Swing. Enlarge

The Screamin' Swing is very similiar to the familiar backyard swing, but on much larger scale.

Passengers seated in cars with back-to-back seats are taken higher and higher as the cars are accelerated into the sky with compressed-air. With each successive arc, passengers experience the thrill of "air-time" created by negative G-forces each time the arm reverses directions pulling the seats back towards the ground.

Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri and Liseberg in Gothenburg, Sweden each selected a 32-seat model and in the Wisconsin Dells the first ever 100-foot tall, four-seat model is nearly ready to swing into action at Mount Olympus Water & Theme Park.

Liseberg Amusement Park Sweden
Liseberg selected the Screamin' Swing for its capacity and small footprint. Enlarge
Liseberg chose the Screamin' Swing because of its small footprint. According to Ride Entertainment, the park needed an attraction that would fit in the small space next to the famous Lisebergbanan roller coaster. The 32-seat model was selected for its capacity and only required the park to carve up a small piece of the hillside. It was a perfect fit for the site.

With the ride now in operation, the Screamin' Swing is drawing a lot of attention as park guests scream with delight as they soar high above Liseberg's midway.

The Giant Swing Barn Silver Dollar City
In an attempt to bringing back the old barn Swing, Silver Dollar City applied a unique theme for their ride. Enlarge

Silver Dollar City also selected the Screamin' Swing for their newest attraction and gave the attraction a unique theme. The park's design team placed the new ride within a large red barn that serves as the theme (barn swing) and also doubles as a queue.

Screamin' Swing at Silver Dollar City
The Giant Swing launches Silver Dollar City guests more than seven stories in the air at speeds reaching 45 mph. Enlarge

The result is a swing that flies through the barn structure and over the park's white water rapids ride. Silver Dollar City's Giant Swing launches park guests more than seven stories in the air, eventually reaching a point where they're nearly upside down.

"You can put a ride anywhere, but the real key is giving it its own personality, which brings about an emotional connection," said Brad Thomas, General Manager of Silver Dollar City.

Giant Screamin Swing at Mount Olympus
The 100-foot tall model at Mt. Olympus offers an experience that is far more extreme. Enlarge

The largest Screamin' Swing to date is about ready to swing into action at Mount Olympus Water & Theme Park in the Wisconsin Dells. This 100-foot tall model is the largest in the world and promises to offer an experience that is far more extreme than the traditional model. Guests riding the 100-foot model will experience speeds reaching over 75 mph.

According to S&S, the Mount Olympus ride will push the level of thrills for a Screamin' Swing to an entirely new level.

Mount Olympus plans to operate its four-seat model as an up-charge attraction.

You can try out the new Screamin' Swing rides this summer at Liseberg, Mount Olympus Water & Theme Park and Silver Dollar City.

For more information on the Screamin' Swing ride, visit Ride Entertainment or S&S Power.

Attraction Facts
Screamin' Swing

Type of Ride:
Swinging Thrill Ride

Ride Manufacturer:
S&S Power

Height Requirement:
Must be at least 48 inches tall

32-seat Model:
Height: 62-feet
Top Speed: 45 mph
G-Force: 3.5 G's

4-seat Model:
Height: 100-feet
Top Speed: 75 mph
G-Force: 3.5 G's


Gothenburg, Sweden

Mount Olympus
Wisconsin Dells

Silver Dollar City
Branson, Missouri