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Worlds of Fun

Largest Capital Investment In Park History

Patriot Roller Coaster, Worlds of FunThe American Dream becomes the American Scream this spring, according to Worlds of Fun.

America's thrill seekers will have one more thrill to experience when the Kansas City amusement park unveils Patriot, an inverted steel roller coaster that is sure to generate plenty of screams from park guests this summer. This $14 million investment from parent company Cedar Fair, is the largest expenditure on a single attraction in park history.

Patriot Roller Coaster Layout

"We are excited to unveil the high-anticipated Patriot roller coaster to our guests," said Phil Bender, Vice President and General Manager of Worlds of Fun.

First Drop, Patriot

The latest addition to an already impressive lineup of world-class thrill rides, Patriot will deliver two minutes and 18 seconds of amusement park adventure. Known as an inverted coaster because of its unique trains that hang below the track, Patriot will expose riders to height, speed and a seamless transition of gravity-defying elements.

Located in the Americana section of the park, Patriot begins with a climb up a 149-foot lift hill before plunging down a curved drop reaching a maximum speed of nearly 60 mph!

Immelmann Loop

Riders then fly through seven disorienting elements, including an 89-foot-tall vertical loop, a zero-gravity roll, an Immelmann loop, an inclined banked curve, an s-curve, a corkscrew and a high-speed spiral. Patriot will speed along 3,081 feet of twisted tubular steel track during its two-minute ride.

Patriot Immelmann Loop, 2nd View

Corkscrew, Patriot Roller Coaster

Two 28-passenger trains painted Red, White and Blue with stars & stripes will accommodate 1,160 riders per hour.

Seated four abreast in seven rows, riders are secured into bucket seats with shoulder harnesses and safety belts. The ski-lift style trains are bottomless, adding to the thrill by leaving the riders legs dangling in the wind and providing passengers with an unobstructed view of the terrain below.

Patriot is custom designed for the topography of Worlds of Fun by famed coaster designers Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) of Monthey, Switzerland.

Patriot is the sixth roller coaster at Worlds of Fun and opens April 2006.

Attraction Facts

Type of Ride:
Inverted Multielement Coaster

Height: 149 feet
First Drop: 123 feet
Top Speed: 60 mph
Length: 3,081 feet

Inversions: (4)
89-Foot Tall Vertical Loop,
Zero-Gravity Roll,
Immelmann Loop,

Ride Vehicles:
Two 28-passenger Trains

Ride Time:
2 minutes, 18 seconds

$14 million

Ride Manufacturer:
Bolliger and Mabillard

Worlds of Fun
Kansas City, Missouri

Additional Information

Layout Aerial View

Artist Renderings