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Top Thrill Dragster Facts Sheet

Cedar Point amusement park/resort will stun thrill-seekers in 2003 with the debut of the park's unprecedented 16th, yes, 16th roller coaster - Top Thrill Dragster. Reaching a stratospheric 420 feet tall and topping out at an unheard of speed of 120 mph, this new steel screamer will help Cedar Point reclaim the title of owning the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the universe.

Riders will begin their epic journey aboard this whopping 42-story screamer by securing themselves into ultra-cool trains that resemble top fuel dragsters. The train will then move into a "starting line" position, where it will launch forward, reaching speeds of 120 mph in approximately four seconds.

But hold on ... this isn't your father's roller coaster. The train will then zoom straight up the 420-foot-tall hill on track that will rotate 90 degrees, crest the coaster's apex and then free fall back to Earth, reaching a speed of 120 mph for the second time. As the train races more than 400 feet to the ground, the track will twist an unbelievable 270 degrees - what a rush! Riders will then return to the station to begin regaling their friends with stories of the greatest ride of their lives.


Height: 420 feet
Drop: 400 feet
Angle of Decent: 90 degrees
Top Speed: 120 mph
Length: 2,800 feet


Model: Launched Out-and-Back Coaster

Structure: Steel Tubular Track

Ride Manufacturer: Intamin AG of Wollerau, Switzerland

Features: Hydraulic launch system, Magnetic braking system, Tiered seating on the coaster's cars for better viewing (similar to stadium seating) 270-degree spiral on descent

Color Scheme: Red and white alternating colored track on launch


Launch Speed: Approximately 120 mph in four seconds

Drop Speed: Approximately 120 mph

Capacity Approximately 1,500 riders per hour


Coaches: Six 16-passenger trains - Five cars on each train; three four-passenger and two two-passenger cars

Design: Fiberglass and steel coaches with individual lap bars, interlocking seat belts and padded head restraint systems

Train Colors: Black cherry; Indy green; fluorescent purple; cobalt blue; sunshine yellow; and sunset red


Firsts for Top Thrill Dragster First roller coaster EVER to top 400 feet
First coaster EVER to reach speeds of 120 mph
First "strata-coaster" built on planet Earth

Cedar Point has held the title of "World's Tallest Roller Coaster Four Times"!

Gemini (125 feet, 4 inches)
Magnum XL-200 (205 feet)
Millennium Force (310 feet)
Top Thrill Dragster (420 feet)


Investment $25 million

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