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Top Thrill Dragster Roller Coaster


Cedar Point

At the turn of the century Cedar Point unveiled the tallest, fastest full-circuit steel roller coaster, Millennium Force. Now three years later, and they're at it again.

Cedar Point with a long history of building the latest and greatest thrill rides, will again raise the bar this spring by going not only taller, but faster than ever before with their newest attraction Top Thrill Dragster. This supercharged roller coaster will launch to a record 120 mph in just four seconds flat. Then with speed to burn, the train will rocket up a 420-foot tall steel tower. Yes, that's tall and fast!

Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point
Artist rendering showing the apperance and layout of Top Thrill Dragster. Enlarge
The race begins with you board one of six 16-passenger trains themed like drag racers. Moving to the "staring line" position, you'll wait for the light pole to signal green, before this dragster is launched from zero to 120 mph in just four seconds.

Traveling at now record speed the car will speed up an impressive 420-foot tower, rotating 90-degrees at the 230-foot mark before cresting the peak and beginning a 400-foot vertical descent. What goes up, must come down, but the descent is not complete without a spiral twist starting at the 330-foot level. After twisting 270-degrees for 115-feet, the train will complete this record drop, reaching speeds of 120 mph for the second time before crossing the finish line.

Breaking both the world records for height and speed on a roller coaster, this $25 million muscle machine is a dream come true for adrenaline junkies. Top Thrill Dragster will also become the park's 16th roller coaster, a collection unmatched by any other amusement park and another world record for Cedar Point.

So thrill seekers, come this spring where will you be in line? Of course, in line for the race of your life on Top Thrill Dragster, the "must ride" attraction for thrill seekers in 2003.

Top Thrill Dragster is slated to debut on Cedar Point's Opening Day in May 2003.

Attraction Facts
Top Thrill Dragster Facts

Type of Coaster:
Launched Out and Back

Height: 420 feet
Drop: 400 feet
Length: 2,700 feet
Angle: 90 degrees
Top Speed: 120 mph

270 degree spiral on descent, 90-degree ascent

Hydraulic Launch, 0 - 120 mph in four seconds

Number of Trains:
6 - 16 passenger

$25 million

Opening Date:
May 2003

Intamin AG

Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio

Additional Information

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Height Comparison

Facts Sheet

Press Release

Follow the construction of Top Thrill Dragster on Cedar Point's web site:

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