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Top 10 Coasters


Introducing, Top 10 Coasters, a one-hour primetime television special that surveys the world's top 10 favorite roller coasters.

Production CrewTop 10 Coasters is produced by the same production team behind Discovery Channel's Wild Rides and Wild Rides 2, two roller coaster specials that have been garnering high marks from enthusiasts and some of the network's highest ratings since their premieres during previous Memorial Weekends. The success and popularity of the shows reflects the current craze for coasters, a "renaissance" with 1,000 roller coaster operating around the world today!

Like the Wild Rides specials, Top 10 Coasters employed special lipstick-size cameras, and specialized audio and camera mounts to record exclusive on-board footage of the world's greatest coasters.

Production CrewTop 10 Coasters is based on an annual survey from the National Amusement Park Historical Association, an organization of 1,500 park enthusiasts around the world devoted to the preservation and enjoyment of amusement parks. Each year, NAPHA asks its members to list their favorite roller coasters. From the nearly 1,000 roller coasters operating around the world, only a handful will gain their complete devotion. In their survey, 5 Top Wooden Coasters, and 5 Top Steel Coasters are listed. Combined, they make the "Top 10" favorite roller coasters.

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Get a glimpse of what's to be seen on Top 10 Coasters, by taking a look at the production photos in the Photo Gallery.

Top 10 List
Read and learn more about the roller coasters featured in the one-hour tv special, Top 10 Coasters.

Browse through the Top 10 Coasters List, complete with details on the individual coasters.

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