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They turn you inside out. And twist you every which way but loose. They are speed. They are thrills. They are fear. They are....Extreme Rides.

Fasten you seatbelts as you soar, plummet, spin and speed your way aboard some of the world's fastest, highest and tallest terror machines on Extreme Rides, a primetime television special. This one-hour documentary explores humankind's insatiable quest for extreme adventures -- from whitewater river rafting, bungee jumping, racecar driving, and flying, to skydiving -- and how ride designers are using the latest in science and technology to translate these extreme experiences into today's accessible thrill rides found at amusement parks.

Extreme Rides cameras went behind-the-scenes and scaled breathtaking heights to reveal how ride designers have translated daredevil experiences into today's accessible and safe thrill rides found at amusement parks around the world.

The show also will allow viewers to experience some of the world's top thrill rides through its exclusive "play-by-plays" by ride enthusiasts. Utilizing a special lipstick-size camera and audio rigs, enthusiasts describe the best features of the terrifying rides while actually riding (or, better said, surviving) the rides!

The show also will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes show and tell with ride designers and engineers to discover the science and technology behind the extreme thrills.

The show's rollercoaster segments feature coaster enthusiasts. At Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Danny Biggerstaff and Steve Thompson helped amass a dozen area enthusiasts to ride the Alpengeist. During the filming, Danny made his 525th record run! At Six Flags Astroworld, Donald Daniel Jr., and Michael Robinson helped with the fun filming of the Ultratwister. And at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Ric Turner helped recruit more than 20 local coaster enthusiasts to help ride Superman The Escape over and over and over again!

"I so much enjoyed working with coaster enthusiasts in Wild Rides," said show producer Kiku Lani Iwata, "that I really wanted them to be in Extreme Rides, too."

"Coaster enthusiasts love riding so much, their enthusiasm is great for the ride and our show. And because we often do multiple takes when we're filming, they're terrific -- they are more than willing to ride a coaster two dozen times in a row! And a lot of my friends, when I try to recruit them to help me out with these shoots, they just refuse to do that!"

Iwata said she and her crew had a great time filming Extreme Rides.

"While we filmed Wild Rides, we learned how to get over our fear of rollercoasters and actually fell in love with them. But these extreme rides really pushed our fear buttons. Many of those rides look so intimidating. So on most of our shoot days, we would do all our shooting first, and then take a spin -- we didn't want to jump on first thing in the morning, get sick and ruin our whole shooting day! But to our surprise, we didn't get sick on any of the extreme rides! They were actually a lot of fun. Terrifying. But fun!

Extreme Rides is produced by Termite Art Productions in Studio City, CA, for Discovery Channel. Erik Nelson is Executive Producer of Termite Art Productions. Dave Harding is Supervising Producer. Ms. Kiku Lani Iwata is producer/director.

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