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Moving again- next to Disneyworld

By SirWillow on April 26, 2006 | No Comments Comments

Now I'm going to really be suffering! We're moving again from near Tampa to west of Orlando a bit. Around an hour down the road from where we are now, but within 10-15 minutes of the parking lots at WDW, 15 minutes or so from Cypress Gardens, and 20-25 minutes from Universal, Sea World, and all of International Drive in Orlando. Talk about a prime location!

The worst part is going to be WDW. The school my wife will be teaching at actually overlooks the parks- you can see Epcot, the castle, and Tower of Terror from their play areas. We'll be close enough to see the fireworks every night if we'd like- at least the ones in the air. But still likely won't be able to go to the parks very often. Why? Price! For the annual passes, for our family of 4, it runs between almost $900 for the cheapest passes which don't allow us to visit at all during the summer, spring break, or christmas break, to around $1300 for a pass that would. That's a heck of a lot of money.

Sounds like I need to make some friends that work there. :)

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