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Visting Disney World for free!!

By SirWillow on November 17, 2005 | No Comments Comments

I found out about something this last weekend that blew my mind a bit. You can visit Disneyworld for free! Yes, you read that right. Free. Ok, it's probably not what you're thinking or expecting, but read on and you'll see what I mean.

We're at the FLCC coaster conference last weekend and while eating one of the other couples asked us if we were going to check out the holiday decorations and set up at the WDW hotels this year. Since we don't have the big bucks for a visit to WDW, we said no. Love to, but just can't afford it. So they told us how to do it, though it's not a real big secret.

Parking at Downtown Disney is free, as is admission there since it's where everyone goes to shop. But what we found out, and isn't necessarily common knowledge, is that the Disney bus system is also free- and you don't have to be staying on property to use it. They don't require it, nor will they ask. Additionally, that's also true of the monorail system.

So if you're really wanting to check out the hotels, and particularly when they have the holiday decor out, you can do it and it won't cost you a penny. Now that's not going to get you into any of the parks. It also won't cover your food (which is going to cost you a pretty penny if you eat at one of the restaurants) But it does allow you to see most of the resort area at a low cost.

Just don't tell them that you heard it from me, since I'm sure that it's always subject to change. :)

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