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They're real Land Rovers! Crunch!

By SirWillow on October 18, 2005 | No Comments Comments

Working at Rhino Rally, we have people ask all the time if they're real land rovers or not. Yes they're real- no tracks needed or used. They have a governor on them so they can't go that fast, but when the governor rarely lets go them, and the tubro kicks in... Wheeee!!! :) They're actually parked and taken care of off stage, and we have to drive them over to the ride every day, then back again at the end of the day.

And yes, they can be wrecked, though that's not a good thing to try. I had one time I was driving a group and my navigator (the guy sitting next to me "helping") was a really quiet guy- late teens or early twenties and just looking a bit wierd. He didn't make a noise, was hard to get his name, and he kept looking around a bit strange. Right as we're coming off of the first bridge though, he suddenly let out an ear piercing, heart shaking screech, scaring the living wits of out of me. And causing me to make a quick jump in my seat.


Oh, yeah, and jerking the wheel to the side, and steering right into one of the concrete termite mounds on the side of the course. Ouch. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the land rover didn't like it to much. I was able to finish the ride with no problem, but it's safe to say that I wasn't very fond of my navigator after that.

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They're real Land Rovers! Crunch!


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