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Boy I haven't updated this in a while. here's how to know what's up

By SirWillow on September 18, 2007 | No Comments Comments

To many places to keep a blog. hehe. I normally use MySpace for my more regularly updated blog, though even that's not updated all that often- once a month, maybe every 2 weeks when I'm doing good. But if you want to see that, it's at

in short, I've beaten back cancer and am now living a bit more normal. My immune system is still struggling a bit to come back up to full, so that's meant I had to cut back on my work. I'm now seasonal at Disney World, and still working as a youth pastor. I'm also taking advantage of the time at home to homeschool the kids, which has been a lot of fun.

and it means I'm finally able to get some coaster riding in again, after not being able to really ride due to either being sick or working to much. Got to spend a couple of days at Sea World riding Kraken and Journey to Atlantis, and planning to drop into Busch Gardens again in the next couple of weeks.


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Boy I haven't updated this in a while. here's how to know what's up

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