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FearFest @ PCW

By reidmanpcw on October 23, 2005 | No Comments Comments


Well we went to FearFest on Friday, it was pretty cold. I was surprised with the turn out. We meet Geoff [one of the PR people] and talked to him for a little.

We headed over to Kingswood, where The Cure of Sleepy Hallow was. We did Massacre Manor first. I did not know what really to expect. But it was not as "scary" as I was expecting. Next we walked over to Corns talkers & Bloodshed, as they are combined into one.

Cornstalkers was one of the best ones, as the scare actors dressed up as scarecrows were really good. Bloodshed was kind of gross with like dead bodies hanging everywhere.

After we headed over the Backlot Blood Bath which was by the White Water Canyon Area. The attractions there did not open till 7.30 so we did Funhouse Express. It was good but Superstition is much better.

After we headed over to MTV Rockin' Scare which was in the Courtyard, behind Cliffhanger and Dragon Fire. We did The Ozzburnes, which was pretty good, got a couple good scrares in there I have to admit. We saw the the line for Total Request Dead was long we decided to go back to Legends of the Lost in Back Lot Bloodbath.

We got in line for Legends of the Lost not really knowing what it was. Half way thought the line they had this camp site set up. There was some actor dude saying stuff, but we were to far back to hear what he was saying. By the time we came close enough to the camp site the actor dude left.

It was pretty cool walking through the empted WWC. I would have to say that this was one of the lamest ones of them all, I was not really sure the whole theme of this one.

We then did Slaughter Street Fear Zone, which was pretty cool, one of the scare actors scared me when she jumped on top of one of the cars, she kind of remained me of one of the Spice Girls, that had died and came back to like, as she had the Union Jack on her shirt.

We were getting hungry so we stopped in at South Side Grill and had a bite to eat, and warm up for a little bit.

Headed back over to MTV Rockin' Scare, and waited for almost one hour for Total Request Your Dead, well as I thought it was not worth it.

By that time it was 11.15 and the park had closed, and we headed off home.

Overall, I think FearFest has been a huge hit for PCW, and I hope to see again and again.

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FearFest @ PCW

FearFest @ PCW


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