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My First URC Blog Entry

By reidmanpcw on October 11, 2005 | 5 Comments Comments

[Mood: Sore]
[Music: Slow it down / Mads Arp feat. Julie Harrington]

WOW! Finally a blog that I can talk about coasters, and other people will understand what I am talking about.

Well PCW closed on Sunday for the 2005 season, but we will be going to FearFest sometime soon. It wil be cool to see how PCW will do it.

Till Next Time....

Keep On Coasterin'


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Added by eric_gieszl on October 11, 2005 @ 10:31:30 PM

Isn't it getting kind of cold up there? I think it's great that PCW is doing FearFest, BUT won't it be too cold?

Added by reidmanpcw on October 12, 2005 @ 03:17:53 PM

Ya it would be... on closing weekend it was really cold. Will just have to dress warm for FearFest.

Added by pcw_skyrider on October 12, 2005 @ 04:33:42 PM

Nah, it's not THAT cold. It was actually colder than it is up here when I went to PKI last weekend.

Added by coasterfanatic on October 14, 2005 @ 11:54:59 AM

Have fun freezing up there this winter while Im in sunny warm Cincinnati :)


Chuck, who can't wait for voyage to open

Added by jersey_joe on October 28, 2005 @ 02:58:19 AM

Hi Adam! Great to see you posting here. Note to Eric -- he's only 18, they don't get that cold! lol

It's good to see PCW is doing Halloween now. Enjoy!

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