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Off-Season is here

By PCW_SkyRider on October 28, 2005 | No Comments Comments

I just came back from my last PCW visit this year. I had a great season and I hope 2006 will be even better, even without a new ride. I hope those down south are greatful that the coaster seasons are longer.

16 new coasters this year:
Apr. 29-Italian Job: Stunt Track (PCW)
May 15-Orient Express (Campbel Ams.)
Aug. 26-MARK I (CNE Conklin)
Aug. 26-Orient Express (CNE Conklin)
Sept. 1-Tivoli Coaster (Marineland)
Oct. 8-Flight Of Fear (PKI)
Oct. 8-Beast (PKI)
Oct. 8-Vortex (PKI)
Oct. 8-Racer Forwards (PKI)
Oct. 8-Adventure Express (PKI)
Oct. 8-Top Gun (PKI)
Oct. 8-Face/Off (PKI)
Oct. 9-Racer Bacwards (PKI)
Oct. 9-Runaway Reptar (PKI)
Oct. 9-Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (PKI)
Oct. 9-Beastie (PKI)

Final Coaster Cout: 49

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