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My name is Trey! I live in the Ithaca area in upstate New York.My home parks are Eldridge Park, Seabreeze, Darien Lake and Dorney Park. My love got coasters started when my dad took me to Dorney Park&Wildwater Kingdom on my 8th birthday. My first Roller coaster was Thunderhawk. I rode it at least 5 times in 30 minutes. I LOVED IT and still do. The recent renovations to the coaster I heavily approved of. Within an hour of getting on my first coaster, I found myself on Steel Force. Steel Force was my first hyper coaster and my first steel coaster. It was my tallest coaster for 3 years in a row until I set out to Darien Lake to ride the Ride Of Steel. That was my tallest coaster for 3 more years until I went to carowinds in 2016 to ride fury 325 and intimidator. Steel force however remained my fastest coaster for 6 years. In my journey of being a coaster enthusiast, I no longer had to listen to my families opinions as I could make my own. Some of my unique opinions are on Hydra at Dorney Park. I never realized how good it was until I rode it in the back seat on opening day 2016 at dorney park. Hydra is my number 3 favorite coaster behind el toro and fury 325 and ahead of talon and afterburn.

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My Name: Trey Warner


Birthdate: June 28, 2000

Home Park: Darien Lake, Eldridge Park, Dorney Park, Seabreeze, Harris Hill

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