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By fncz on September 29, 2000 | No Comments Comments

There are so many great coasters out there and my taste really varies. I try to ride the new woodies within their first three years because they generally are never as good as when they are new. I hate the feeling of "gravel on the tracks" and improperly tracked rides. That is truly a positive of steel coasters....they are consistent, and I prefer the non-loopers but I will ride anything once. I love the Coney CYCLONE but only in the front seat. In the early 70's she was the reigning queen of coasters, wild, fast, and actually pretty smooth, especially in the vallies where it had become nearly unrideable. I try and ride rough coasters in the seat alone and am up on my feet and legs for cushioning..not quite standing, but not flat on the seat.
I wish I could make a top 10. I love ElTORO, T-BOLT, REVENGE, EVEL KNEVEL, BOSS, GIANT DIPPERS, CYCLONE, and Blackpool's coasters.


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