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I have ridden coaster since I was 3 or 4, hating my first ride on Kennywood's LITTLE DIPPER which may have been the 1st version of it since it was summer of 1951. My father took me out to Rainbow Gardens where I learned to LOVE their out and back BOMBER! He would give the operator a handful of tix and let me ride to my heart's content. I started traveling as soon as I got my license to drive and went to West View and Rock Springs Park. There were no guide books or internet so I did not know where they were, but I always heard about Coney Island and the CYCLONE since I was a kid from my family. In 1967, I got to NYC and took the subway to Coney. I WAS HOOKED!!! I always looked for coasters wherever I was vacationing/visiting, but I seriously began to seek them out in 1970. I got to ride some great stuff but sadly just missed so many classics I could kick myself. I have ridden over 450 rollercoasters and plan to ride to the end. I want friends to scatter ashes at the same time across the USA once I am gone so I can ride more than one at a time. That's the goal, long-term. I was pen-pals with Ace's founders but worked when they had the 1st event and chartered. I saved all that correspondence and will donate to the Museum when I see one.

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My Name: Frank Czuri


Birthdate: September 8, 1948

Home Park: Kennywood

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My Coaster Track Record: 450+

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