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Cedar Point Trip Report 08-19-06

By Ethan on August 20, 2006 | 1 Comment Comments

Dear URCers,

Cedar Point is my fave park. I got to visit it once again yesterday (Saturday). For a Saturday, the crowds weren't as bad as usual (probably 'cause of the rain). This trip was probably going to be my worst, but ended up as my best!


I'll just go through the stories I have of each of the rides compared to what happened on this trip. I'll also rate them 1-10. 10 being the most perfectly perfectist coaster ever and 1 being crappiest crap ever!

Magnum XL-200- Fist ride of the day. We came in through the Soak City Parking Lot so everything in the back were walk-ons. But we didn't spend much time in the back of the park though. I was with my parents, brother (17), two cousins (13 and one in her twenties), two aunts, and a friend of my aunts who I've never met before. We were going to ride everything in the back but we went for the big stuff instead. Magnum was fantastic. Bumpier than last year. One of the bunny hills hurt my chest, but fun none the less. I rode with my mom because this was the first ride of the day and I'm always nerved on the first lift. Good view on the lift, but I tend to focus on how far we are from the top on this ride. Still one of my favorites!

My Rating= 7, because of the bumps.

Top Thrill Dragster- This would be my second time riding this monster. We got in line and it moved very quickly. I'm not sure how long the line was supposed to be, but it took us about 2 hours and 15 minutes. This was a bit longer than last time. We got to the front of the line and the train didn't make it to the top. This happened several times and it took what seemed like an eternity to see them get it running right again. We got on. My brother, my cousin (the younger one), my aunt, and my other aunt friend had never ridden it before. We all loved it. I sat next to my mom again because I'm a coward. It gave me kind of a headache, but it was still great. The last time I rode it, I looked at the dwarfed Millenium Force. This time, I looked at the mangled body of the Mantis below.

My Rating=8, because it wasn't as fun as the first time, but still fantastic!

Millennium Force- As you can tell, we got the big ones done early. Millennium took about an hour and a half. It drizzled bad through most of this, but stopped as soon as we started on the lift hill like magic. I sat next to my brother. It was more fun to me this time than my first time the previous year. This was because I heard my families screams as we went down that amazing first drop, through the overbanked turns, and... well you know the rest. I held my hands in the air through the majority of the ride. And I'm not much of a hands in the air person.

My Rating=9, beacuse there aren't any perfect coasters in existance yet.

Cedar Downs- We went on the carousel before linner and I think this was the scariest ride of the trip. It was the only one I thought I would seriously fall off of and get hurt.

My Rating=4, it was frightening!!!

Blue Streak- We had Linner (too late for lunch, too early for dinner) around three. We had good pizza at a fair price at Patio Pizza. This is near the front of the park. My dad had a burger next door at the burger patio and the service was horrible. They took forever to get him food. Well Blue Streak was great. I sat next to my younger cousin this time. Rough, but fun. I had my hans in the air the whole time. This was my first trip where I did this as often as I did.

My Rating=6, because it's a great ride for what it is, but not enough thrill, especially compared to my three previous rides.

Disaster Transport- We were gonna head to Demon Drop but it wasn't running. By the time we got to Disaster Transport, it was! We didn't get to ride Demon, but I'm alright with that. We went to the line for Disaster Tranport. It took a while, but we got to look at the invivible stamps we got at the Soak City entrance under the black light. This was the best Disaster Transport ride I've ever had. It seemed longer. It was cool because I kept looking at the track and how we weren't really held on by anything. It was also more fun because we had a car to ourselves. I sat next to my aunt's friend.

My Rating=7, because it more fun than usual.

Wicked Twister-My younger cousin, brother, and I went to Wicked Twister while the rest of them rode the ferris wheel. It was a short wait. We sat in the middle. I was next to my cousin and my brother was ahead of us. It didn't give me a headache as it did last time, so I'm not sure if I like this or Steel Venom at GL better. I can't really explain the ride.

My Rating=8, because it was better than last time.

Power Tower- My family all loved this ride. It doesn't have a thrill factor. I got a bit queezy, but it was still fun. Great views. We got shot up and thrust down. On the way up I saw the Top Thrill Dragster launch and I got a bird's eye view of the whole ride. Gemini and Mean Streak looked awesome from the sky.

My Rating=6, because I didn't feel well afterwards.

Corkscrew- My dad and I went to ride ride Corkscrew while everyone else went to the Iron Dragon Midway. I wasn't feeling well, so I decided I would get a Top Chill Snowcone afterwards. Corkscrew was fun, but the best part was the fact that we were in the backseat and got great air right before the drop. It was pretty fun. Then I got a huge snowcone for four dollars. I had a half blue half red snowcone. It was good, but it melted fast and the rest formed a giant ice ball that was hard to eat.

My Rating=6, because I didn't feel any better after riding it.

Iron Dragon- This was THE ride when I was little. I rode it over and over again. This time I only rode once. The ending was more climactic than I remember. Wildcat across the midway was running and some of my family rode it. I didn't get to. I didn't care because they said that it wasn't worth the wait as usual.

My Rating=8, beacuse I loved it more than ever before.

Raptor- We split up. My aunt, her friend, and her daughter (my older cousin) went to the Mean Streak while we went to Raptor. I chugged the melt remains of my snowcone before we got there. We waited an hour for Raptor. By the time we got to the front of the line it was dark and the lights were on. I was happy to experience a new ride at night. My brother, parents, and I took up a whole row and my cousin and aunt caught the next train. This ride is way better at night. Great all day, but better at night. This ride also seems much taller on the ride than from below. It was sweet, to put it simply. I've always had a problem with the color scheme though. It's green, and it's called Raptor. So I always think dinosaur. But it means bird of prey. Mantis should be green instead of raptor.

My Rating=9, because it is so sweet at night.

Gemini- We decided earlier to meet the rest of the group at Gemini. We stopped for Funnel Cake on the way. It was pretty good, but I think I like Elephant Ears better. We met the crew at Gemini and were ready to race. I went on Red first. I had my hands in the air most of the ride. We were behind big time! But we caught up on the last turnaround. Red won! I did red again and we lost. This time I had my hands up the entire time. My dad and I went on Gemini alone one more time. I rode blue this time. We were halfway up the hill before red started because some idiot was on his cell phone and they stooped the train and made him turn it off or get off or something. We won by a mile. I shouldn't of ridden it again because it gave me a headache the last time. Oh, and I didn't have to wait a minute each time.

My Rating=9, because I enjoyed myself so much this year.

Magnum- We decided to ride Magnum once more before we went home. It's also beautiful at night! Once again it was a walk-on. Better than in the morning.

My Rating=8, because it was a great finale.

I didn't ride Mantis(I didn't mind), Mean Streak(didn't want to), Wildcat (who cares), and the two kiddie coasters.

I saw Maverick on the way in and saw the track is being built onto supports now. There is at least one hill in the ride because I saw a track going downhill. I also saw the track laid out at breakers. I can't wait to see what it is.

The food was good, the bathrooms were clean, and we had a great time. Besides the fact that we only got three rides in by the mid-afternoon, and the litter left by less-environmentaly friendly guests, and the rain that ended before Linner, it was a seemingly perfect stay at America's (scratch that, World's) Best Amusement Park.

P.S. This is my first trip report, what do you think.

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Added by mapew9319 on October 11, 2008 @ 07:01:42 AM

Nice TR! Wow I'm late on commenting on this, especially because the soon to be 3 YEARS OLD Maverick was just being built.

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