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Knott's Berry Farm

By Eric_Gieszl on August 22, 2007 | No Comments Comments

Three visits to Knott's Berry Farm this summer and all have been very good in terms of park operations. I've been impressed with the park operations, operators, cleanliness and overall appearance of the park.

Knott's has also been aggressively combating line jumpers and it is very much appreciated!

The Log Ride is of course missed during its rehab, but I am looking forward to the reopening this fall.

GhostRider has gotten rough, but is running very fast. Possibly the roughness has increased the riders awareness of the speed.

Silver Bullet, Xcelerator and Montezooma's Revenge are three great rides. Far from breaking any records, but overall three very good rides.

The only major improvement that Knott's needs is in the food service department. The full-service restaurants do not run well, because the service is spotty and their seems to be a real lack of management presence. Fortunately, the food quality is good at TGI Fridays, Johnny Rockets and the fried chicken at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant is still excellent.

Twice we've gone into TGI Fridays and there was a wait for the dining room, yet many of the tables are open. It's obviously a staffing issue. The same seems to happen for the Chicken Dinner Restaurant, but in this case they're not turning the tables because they aren't getting cleared.

Inside the park at Johnny Rockets the food is good, the atmosphere well a 50s diner, but the service is so-so. I wish the servers would show a little more enthusiasm when they perform. They appear as if they're forced to do something that they really dislike. Granted the performances are cheesy and it's understandable why they may not enjoy that aspect of their job. What they don't realize is that they actually look more foolish by not getting into the act, than if they tried to get excited about it.

We've all seen karaoke and yes, it's an atrocity. But don't the individuals who get dragged up their with their friends and then just stand there look worse than the one or two who really wanted to try it? That pretty much sums up the Johnny Rockets servers / performers.

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