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Beech Bend Park To Add Wooden Coaster

By Eric_Gieszl on August 1, 2005 | No Comments Comments

Beech Bend Park To Build Twisted Wooden Coaster

Bowling Green, KY — Kentucky thrill-seekers are going to be screaming in 2006 on the region's most twisted wooden roller coaster at Beech Bend Park & Splash Lagoon. The new roller coaster is part of $5.5 million expansion that was announced yesterday afternoon at the park.

"The yet-to-be named coaster will be the only coaster in the world to feature three exciting fly-bys, built right into the station walls," said park owner Dallas Jones. "The coaster's first drop was inspired by the classic, but now extinct, Rye Aeroplane."

According to Jones, the Aeroplane is considered to be one of the best wooden coasters ever built.

Beech Bend Park's new wooden coaster will be constructed and designed by Great Coasters International, Inc. The company recently built a wooden coaster for Dolly Parton's theme park, Dollywood and is known for building world-class roller coasters that are smooth and very twisted.

The new roller coaster will be 2,827 feet long and a drop of 96 feet. The twisted design will feature a record 30 crossovers that are defined by Great Coasters as anywhere the track crosses over or under another track.

Riders will experience the feeling of weightlessness or as coaster enthusiasts call it "airtime" a total of 12 times. The top speed will be nearly 50 mph.

Beech Bend is purchasing one 24-passenger train that is modeled after the classic coasters of the 20's and 30's. The train called the "Millennium Flyer" is designed and built by Great Coasters.

"The "sculpted" ride structure will be one-of-a-kind and will be immediately recognizable in any photograph," says Jones. "This will be the single, largest ride expansion ever in the park's history."

In 2005 Beach Bend Park added a new spinning Wild Mouse coaster. The addition of the new wooden coaster in 2006 will bring the park's total number of coasters to four.

The new twisted wooden coaster is yet-to-be named so the park is sponsoring a "Name that Coaster" contest. Park goers can submit a name in the park's main gift shop or you can send in your suggest via e-mail through the park's website at

The winner will receive two season passes to the park for 2006 and will get to be the first riders on the coaster when it opens on May 6, 2006.

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