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Good times, good memories!

By bobkennedymusic on July 22, 2010 | No Comments Comments

As a teenager growing up in the late Seventies,
I was fortunate to have a father who loved riding roller coasters! Our vacations were spent traveling the U.S., in search of the newest/fastest/largest coasters of the day-

Visiting this wonderful website brings back such great memories of those times- I remember the rides in their original form- bumpy and fast as hell- before they were refitted/redesigned etc-

As a tribute, I built models of coasters made out of poster board- 'Postercoasters' as it were-
Fully functioning models, I was featured in the Torrance, CA The Daily Breeze newspaper, and the
Los Angeles NBC Channel 4 news, circa 1981-

Good times, good memories. Standing in line 2 hours on a hot summer night in St Louis to ride the Screamin Eagle, waiting 4 hours on Opening day of Ghost Rider at Knotts, remembering back to Colossus 1978 Magic Mountain before the redesign...WHAT A RIDE...
'Saturday In The Park' the most wonderful time..


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Good times, good memories!


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