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Pointless Arguments, Winless Debates, Disrespecting Opinions

By bankteller on October 31, 2007 | No Comments Comments

Opinions are like ass holes, every one has one.

I'm getting tired of the many argumentative folks on roller coaster web sites who do not back up their opinion with solid facts and good supporting evidence.

Yes, people in general should respect the opinion of another user, but it gets hard to do so when people post nonsense or purely opinion based arguments with no supporting facts or explanation as to how they came to that conclusion.

Message boards used to be the place where internet where users could debate topics and yes, there used to be a WINNER to every debate. Now thanks to peace loving moderators and many users who are afraid to step on toes we are confusing the meaning of "respecting the opinion" of another and to some extent users now will not acknowledge a winner in a debate.

It's a shame since it's creating a boring landscape.

Instead, of interesting, fact filled, passionate, heated debates, the message boards today have come to the point where users just post their opinion with no facts or supporting arguments. Even worse, most users now never challenge or argue against the opinion of another for fear of disrespecting them and their right to share their opinion.

The problem is - there is a difference between making a solid argument against what someone says and disrespecting them. Name calling, foul or degrading comments that are off topic is disrespectful, but arguing for the point of winning a while presenting solid facts and compelling, thoughful arguments is not.

It's too bad that most internet users do not understand the difference. The age of a boring, dumbed down society who cannot make intelligent arguments with compelling facts seems to be here. The evidence of this can already be seen Ultimate Rollercoaster, as well as many other sites.



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Pointless Arguments, Winless Debates, Disrespecting Opinions



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