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November 7, 2016

Indoor Spinning Coaster Opens at St. Louis Area Pizza Restaurant

St. Louis, MOAmerica's Incredible Pizza Company has just unveiled a million-dollar renovation to its St. Louis store, bringing with it the area's first indoor roller coaster.

Incredible Spinning Roller Coaster St. Louis Incredible Pizza Company Store
Riders on the Incredible Spinning Coaster at St. Louis' Incredible Pizza Company location.

Incredible Spinning Coaster opened on November 4. This compact, spinning roller coaster has a four-car, 16-passenger train with individual spinning cars. The 190-foot long figure-8 track layout reaches a maximum height of 17 feet.

It's a family ride that accommodates riders of all ages, including children as young as four-years old. Each ride experience includes eight laps on the figure-8 track. Cars spin, independently, creating a unique ride experience for each trip.

The St. Louis attraction is the third Incredible Pizza location with an indoor roller coaster. In addition, the store received all-new go-karts, a Tilt-a-Whirl ride named Lost in Space, and $200,000 in new state-of-the-art video and redemption prize games.

"We are proud to be able to keep presenting this unique array of entertainment for families to relax together all year, regardless of the weather – and there's more fun to come," says Rick Barsness, CEO and Founder of Incredible Pizza Company.

Incredible Pizza offers a buffet full of variety, more than the pizza and pasta their name might imply. Other offerings include chicken potpie, fried rice, chicken nuggets, and a taco and nacho bar. They also offer gluten free pizza, healthy pizza options, and full salad and dessert bars.

Home to six fully-owned Family Entertainment Centers and four franchisees, America's Incredible Pizza Company is smoke and alcohol free and offers seating for hundreds of people.

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Photo courtesy of America's Incredible Pizza Company. All rights reserved.

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Comment by bestonamusement on May 19, 2017 at 11:26:00 pm

So cool!
It is fairly thrilling!
I want to ride on the roller coasters but I am a little afraid! :)