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November 6, 2015

New Family Roller Coaster Coming To Beech Bend Park

Car For Spinning Out Family Roller Coaster Beach Bend Park
Passenger vehicles on the Spinning Out family coaster will sport a race car theme. Each vehicle is designed to spin uncontrolled and therefore each ride experience on this roller coaster should be unique. and spin uncontrolled during the ride.

Bowling Green KYBeech Bend Park announced they will expand their attraction lineup with the addition of a new roller coaster – Spinning Out. This new compact spinning family coaster from SBF Visa Group will be ready for the opening of the 2016 season.

Spinning Out will sport a race car theme with a single four-car train and a figure-8 layout. Each car will seat four-passengers, two abreast in back-to-back rows. The cars on this family coaster are designed to spin, uncontrolled, throughout the ride, delivering a different ride experience every time due to differences in the weight distribution of the riders.

Compact Spinning Roller Coaster, SBF Visa Group
SBF Visa Group's compact "Spinning Coaster" model. Beech Bend Park will install one of these family coasters for the upcoming 2016 season.

Photos courtesy of Beech Bend Park and SBF Visa Group. All rights reserved.

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