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November 5, 2015

Europa Park Exceeds Five Million Visitors For Second Year

Rust, GermanyEuropa Park reports that for the second year in a row the theme park has attracted more than 5-million visitors, making it one of the most attended tourist attractions in Germany.

Wood Roller Coaster, Europa Park, Rust, Germany
Wodan Timbur Coaster is one of twelve roller coasters found at Europa Park, the largest theme park in Germany.

The attendance milestone was made possible by a significant growth in this year's summer season, according to owner Roland Mack.

"Our many years of efforts to become an international destination for short trips to multi-day visits, are bearing fruit," said Mack.

Europa Park has continued to grow and its hotels have helped to make it a tourist destination where visitors stay for several days. The park's five hotels had a summer occupancy rate of 98%, which is considered a sell-out. Besides Germany, the park attracted tourists from abroad, mainly France and Switzerland.

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