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November 14, 2012

SeaWorld Orlando Shows Off Antarctica Ride Car At IAAPA Trade Show

Orlando, FLSeaWorld Orlando unveiled the ride vehicle for their newest and most expensive attraction to date at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo 2012. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin will open at the Orlando park in 2013 and combines a state-of-the-art family adventure ride with closer-than-ever encounters with hundreds of penquins – kings, gentoos, Adelies and rockhoppers. SeaWorld also promised it will be the coldest theme park attraction in the world, which is good news since Orlando is rarely cold.

SeaWorld Orlando Antarctica Empire of the Penquin Ride Vehicle Reveal at IAAPA Tradeshow 2012
Yesterday morning on the opening day of the IAAPA Attraction Expo in Orlando, SeaWorld Senior Director of Attraction Design, Brian Morrow, debuted the vehicle that will take guests on a first-of-its-kind ride to the frozen south in the park's 2013 attraction and all-new realm, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.

Photo courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando. All rights reserved.

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