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August 29, 2012

Spinning Roller Coaster Coming To Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Santa Cruz, CASanta Cruz Beach Boardwalk revealed its plan to build a new $5.5 million roller coaster at the seaside amusement park for next season. The all-new "spinning" coaster, named Undertow, will be the replacement for the departing Hurricane roller coaster.

Undertow Roller Coaster Car, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Undertow, an all-new spinning roller coaster and the only one like it in Northern California, will open at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Summer 2013.

"A spinning coaster is a very unique ride experience, we know our visitors are going to love it," said Boardwalk community relations director Kris Reyes.

German coaster designer Maurer Shone is manufacturing the new spinning coaster and it will be the only one like it in Northern California. The 1,410-foot long roller coaster will stand more than five-stories above the Boardwalk and have a top speed of 40 miles-per-hour.

Undertow will feature individual four-passenger cars with two, back-to-back rows, each seating two passengers abreast. What makes a spinning coaster unique is the fact that each ride experience is different. Cars are designed to spin, uncontrolled, so the experience will vary based on the weight distribution of the riders.

"Every ride on Undertow is different, you can definitely expect the unexpected," added Reyes.

The layout for the roller coaster will include a first drop into an Immelmann turn where the track will take a sharp 80-degree bank. The layout also includes a 360-degree carousel spin, slalom section and plenty of sharp curves.

Riders will be required to be at least 50 inches tall to ride.

Undertow is slated to open Summer 2013 on the spot currently occupied by the Hurricane roller coaster. The Hurricane will operate for its final days until September 3 and then it will be moved to Western Playland Amusement Park in New Mexico.

Photo courtesy of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

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