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August 9, 2012

Silver Dollar City To Open Record-Breaking Wood Coaster With Three Inversions

Branson, MO – Roller coaster fans should begin making plans to visit Silver Dollar City next year when the Branson, Missouri theme park will debut a brand-new roller coaster – Outlaw Run – that will push wood coaster design to a new level.

On Thursday morning park officials revealed the details about the new attraction that they are calling "the most daring wood coaster in the world" saying it will include several first ever elements and set a couple of world records.

Outlaw Run Roller Coaster, Silver Dollar City, First Drop
Silver Dollar City announced plans to debut a new record-breaking wood roller coaster in 2013. Outlaw Run will feature several world firsts including the steepest drop on a wood coaster – 81 degrees.

Outlaw Run will begin with the steepest drop on a wood coaster. This record-breaking element will be a 162-foot plunge, at an 81-degree angle. The incredibly steep first drop will send trains blazing to 68 miles-per-hour, making it the second fastest wood coaster in the world. Riders will then encounter the first and only upside down inversions on a wood coaster.

Outlaw Run will go upside down not once, but three times via a unique turnover, a 153-degree outside banked turn and a 720-degree double barrel roll on an upward slope.

Outlaw Run Wooden Coaster Barrel Roll Inversions
Outlaw Run will be the only wood coaster in the world to feature upside down inversions, including this first ever double barrel roll element.

"Our Silver Dollar City fans told us they wanted a new thrill attraction, and we were determined to create a world-class experience even they couldn't imagine," said Brad Thomas, senior vice president, Silver Dollar City Attractions. "We pushed to take the classic wood coaster to a place it's never been before by applying modern technology and techniques to traditional wood coaster building methods. The result is a wood coaster with never-done-before thrill elements."

Like many of the other attractions at the park, Outlaw Run will include a storyline of going beyond the outskirts of the safe haven of the 1880s Silver Dollar City to a storied place where civility is waning and outlaws may lurk. Passengers, setting out with brave new dreams of vast America, board the Western Missouri Stagecoach Company – where, during treacherous travel, and at any minute, a wild chase could ensue.

"All generations will enjoy this bold and daring ride where the 'good guys always win, leaving the bad guys in the dust,'" Thomas said.

Outlaw Run will take advantage of the park's beautiful mountain terrain with many low-to-the ground elements that should enhance the sensation of speed. Riders will also experience weightlessness or "airtime" at nine points throughout the ride, a feature that is sure to make it popular with roller coaster fans.

Idaho-based Rocky Mountain Construction has been contracted by the park to do the construction and design and will also be manufacturing the trains. Outlaw Run will feature lap-bar restraints and have a minimum height requirement of 48 inches.

Silver Dollar City is spending $10 million on this new roller coaster, making it one of the single largest ride investments in the past decade. Construction of Outlaw Run is well underway and the park is planning to debut the new roller coaster in Spring 2013.

Stay tuned this weekend for additional details about Outlaw Run and for more construction photos from Thursday's unveiling.

Silver Dollar City Outlaw Run Roller Coaster Layout

Artwork and photos courtesy of Silver Dollar City. All rights reserved.

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