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March 1, 2012

Plans To Replace Coney Island Cyclone Coaster Trains Dropped

Brooklyn, NYConey Island Cyclone fans concerns were heard and plans to replace the world-famous roller coaster's old cars with new trains have been dropped. Instead, Zamperla USA will be refurbish the cars and make additional upgrades to the landmark roller coaster.

Fans of the ride grew concerned that the 24-passenger trains would be replaced since the city's request for proposals to potential leaseholders stated that the new leaseholder would be expected to provide new vehicles for the roller coaster. The Cyclone currently operates trains with three cars, each car with four benches seating two abreast.

New York Parks Department also confirmed that Zamperla USA, operator of Luna Park, will continue to operate the 85-year-old roller coaster for the next 15-years. Zamperla assumed operation of the ride from Carol Albert, whose family ran the Cyclone since 1975.

Albert began to bow out of Coney Island after selling the land where her family operated the Astroland amusement park. She continued to hold the lease for the Cyclone until October 2010 when she cancelled it stating that it was too costly to operate. Zamperla operated the roller coaster last season while the city requested proposals from potential operators.

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