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June 23, 2011

Zipping Pippin Roller Coaster Increases Revenue At Bay Beach Amusement Park

Zippin Pippin Roller Coaster

Green Bay, WI – The brand-new Zippin Pippin roller coaster has posted some big numbers during its first month of operation at city owned Bay Beach amusement park silencing the critics who opposed it. The roller coaster project had been controversial due to the cost overruns during the construction.

According to an article posted on the roller coaster is responsible for bringing in an additional $226,000 in revenue during its first month, a 45% increase over the previous year. The city had projected a 20% increase.

Park Director Tina Westergaard told WTAG that people are spending longer periods in the park and spending more on concessions, souvenirs and games.

Zippin Pippin is priced at one dollar per ride and generated $110,000 in revenue during its first month.

Overall attendance was down at Bay Beach and ridership declined on the park's 16 other attractions.

Zippin Pippin logo courtesy of Bay Beach. All rights reserved.

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