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December 13, 2010

SeaWorld San Diego To Open New Shamu Show & Turtle Reef Attraction In 2011

San Diego, CASeaWorld San Diego will revamp their attraction lineup for 2011 with the addition of the Turtle Reef aquarium exhibit and a revamped Shamu show.

Turtle Reef Rendering SeaWorld San Diego
Artist rendering showing the underwater viewing window for the Turtle Reef attraction at SeaWorld San Diego. The new aquarium exhibit will open in 2011.

Turtle Reef will highlight up to 60 threatened or endangered sea turtles and thousands of tropical fish that can be viewed from a large underwater viewing window. The 300,000-gallon aquarium will house adult turtles, some more than 50 years old, as well as ones hatched at SeaWorld in October 2009.

"We are thrilled to feature these amazing creatures, some of which are endangered species," said Thad Dirksen, the park's curator of fishes. "And our hatchlings are a testament to our stellar husbandry practices and ability to design habitats that allow animals to thrive."

Construction on the new Turtle Reef attraction began in November. The building will also house interactive elements, including a gaming wall and touch screen map where guests can track sea turtles in our oceans.

SeaWorld also plans to use the attraction to educate the public on why trash and pollution affect the species. Sea turtles often confuse trash in our oceans for food and die as result of ingesting the items.

"I think it's important that our guest can learn that they too can play a role in keeping trash and pollution out of the sea turtles' ocean environment," said Dirksen. The immersive experience is designed to have an impact on guests and the world that we share.

In addition to Turtle Reef, SeaWorld San Diego will open a brand-new killer whale show in Shamu stadium. SeaWorld plans to retire the 5-year-old "Believe" at all three of their parks next year. Details about the new Shamu show expected in the coming months.

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Photo courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego. All rights reserved.

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