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June 1, 2010

Aquarists Care For 303rd Turtle Patient at SeaWorld Orlando

Orlando, FL – Caring for the 303rd endangered turtle patient this year at SeaWorld Orlando is no small task for park aquarists. The recently rescued reptile is a three-foot, 270-pound loggerhead, found May 6 in the waters of San Carlos Bay near Ft. Meyers, Florida.

SeaWorld Orlando Loggerhead Turtle Rehabilitation
SeaWorld aquarists Kate Grimaldi (left) and Lateesha Hektner measure an endangered loggerhead sea turtle at the park's Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

The large male was seen floating to one side for several days. Emaciated and covered in barnacles, his condition was most likely caused by ingesting a foreign object.

Immediately upon his arrival at SeaWorld's Animal Rehabilitation Center, aquarists began removing the barnacles and treating him with antibiotics. Veterinarians performed x-rays in search of internal injuries. The animal has begun to eat on his own as the Animal Rescue Team hopes to eventually return him back to San Carlos Bay.

Now through August is the loggerhead sea turtle nesting period, a critical time period for the preservation of this species.

SeaWorld is the leader in rescue and rehabilitation of endangered sea turtles and has already rescued 304 and released 245 turtles this year.

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Photo courtesy of SeaWorld. All rights reserved.

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