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May 28, 2010

Six Flags Delays Opening Of New Family Coaster At Magic Mountain

Valencia, CA -- The planned debut of Mr. Six's Dance Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain will have to wait until next year. According to Brady MacDonald, LA Times Funland blogger, park officials have postponed the opening until 2011 due to construction delays.

Mr. Six's Dance Roller Coaster

The new family coaster would have been Magic Mountain's 17th and tied the park with Cedar Point for the "most roller coasters in a single park."

Six Flags had planned to build the attraction in the southwest corner of the theme park near Déjà Vu and Terminator Salvation The Ride. Site clearing was completed and the parts for the roller coaster are on-site, but crews haven't poured the supports or begun the process of putting it together.

Mr. Six's Dance Coaster is a 28-foot tall, 679-foot long roller coaster with a top-speed of 21 miles-per-hour. A single train accommodates 16-passengers in eight cars.

Six Flags is recycling the coaster from their closed New Orleans location where it was named "Road Runner Express". It's a popular family ride with identical models located at Castle Park in Riverside and Disneyland Park in Anaheim.

Next year Six Flags plans to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The company had previously said that it planned to open a new attraction at each of its theme parks as part of the celebration. With the postponement, it's unknown if Mr. Six's Dance Coaster will now be the park's 50th anniversary attraction or keep the name of Six Flags ambassador.

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Artwork courtesy of Six Flags Magic Mountain. All rights reserved.

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