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February 2, 2010

Baby Giant Anteater Born At Florida Busch Gardens

Tampa, FL — This baby anteater was born to mom, Adelhi, two days before Christmas at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Weighing about 3 pounds at birth, the little boy will ride on his mother's back for about four months until he is ready to walk, explore and find food on his own.

Busch Gardens Baby Giant Anteater and Mom
Giant anteaters detect insects with their powerful sense of smell, which is 40 times stronger than a human's and allows them to find and eat up to 30,000 insects a day. They tear apart anthills and logs with their strong claws and lap up the insects with a tongue that can reach 2 feet long.

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Photo by Matt Marriott and courtesy of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. All rights reserved.

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