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November 18, 2009

Magic Mountain to Tie Cedar Point in 2010 For Roller Coaster Record

Valencia, CASix Flags Magic Mountain will open their 17th roller coaster in 2010, tying Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio for the most roller coasters in a single park.

While park officials didn't reveal the name or theme, the roller coaster won't exactly be new. Six Flags is recycling this family coaster from their closed theme park in New Orleans, where it operated under the name Road Runner Express.

This roller coaster last operated in August 2005 and closed along with Six Flags New Orleans after the park suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Katrina.

After standing unused for several years, the roller coaster was recently moved to Plainview, Texas where it's being refurbished before moving to its new home at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Known as a "Roller Skater", this 28-foot tall junior coaster has a single eight-car train that rides on 679-feet of steel track. The roller coaster is a product of Netherlands based Vekoma.

This family coaster will appeal to families, since both an adult and child can sit in the car, allowing parents to ride alongside their children.

Six Flags plans to position the coaster in the southwest corner of the park, beside Déjà Vu and Johnny Rockets concession. The park will remove an old theatre building to make room for the new attraction.

For Southern California thrill-seekers this family coaster may seem familiar. Two other Roller Skater models can be found at Castle Park in the Inland Empire and another, Gadget's Go Coaster, is at Disneyland Park in Orange County.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is expected to reveal the name and theme by the end of the month. There have been some Internet rumors circulating that claim the theme may be based on Six Flags mascot, Mr. Six.

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