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October 21, 2009

Cedar Point's Demon Drop Moving To Knott's Berry Farm

Buena Park, CAKnott's Berry Farm will debut a refurbished first-generation Intamin freefall ride next summer. Demon Drop located at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio will be moved to the Southern California theme park this winter for a Memorial Day weekend debut.

Demon Drop opened at Cedar Point in 1983, a year after the original opened at Magic Mountain. The $2.5 million attraction stands 131-feet tall and has individual four-passenger cars that freefall down a 10-story vertical drop reaching a top speed of 55 miles-per hour. Riders experience the sensation of being weightless during the two and half second descent.

Knott's says they plan to construct ride on the site currently occupied by the Screamin' Swing. That ride will be removed and relocated to California's Great America theme park in Northern California.

Cedar Point plans to keep Demon Drop in operation through the end of their season, November 1st and then will begin the process of dismantling the ride. Knott's hopes to begin construction on January 4, 2010

Several sources have said that the ride will be refurbished and retrofitted with magnetic brakes prior to its reopening at Knott's.

"We are excited to add this classic thrill ride to our slate of attractions," said Marty Keithley, General Manager of Knott's Berry Farm. "Demon Drop was one of the first freefall attractions and paved the way for such rides as Supreme Scream. I think guests will find it a great addition."

Cedar Fair unsuccessfully attempted to sell Demon Drop by listing it on the used amusement ride site four years ago.

Southern California locals who frequented Six Flags Magic Mountain during the 80s and 90s will be familiar with Demon Drop. The same ride named "Freefall" debuted at Six Flags in 1982. Freefall operated for 25 years until it was retired in October 2007 and then dismantled in February 2008.

Despite the fact that it's not new, Demon Drop is notable for the fact that it's the last remaining ride of its kind in the United States and one of only six left in the world.

Demon Drop is slated to reopen at Knott's Berry Farm on Memorial Day weekend 2010.

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