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August 20, 2009

Kings Dominion To Build $25 Million, 305 Foot Tall Roller Coaster

Doswell, VAKings Dominion today announced their plans to build Intimidator 305, one of the world's tallest roller coasters and the largest attraction in the theme park's 35-year history. This $25 million "gigacoaster" will kick into high gear in April 2010.

Intimidator 350 Roller Coaster Kings Dominion Kings Dominion's Intimidator 305 to become the tallest, fastest roller coaster of its kind on the East Coast in April 2010.

Intimidator 305 takes its name from one of stock car racing's most beloved and tenacious drivers, Dale Earnhardt "the Intimidator™" and the roller coaster's 305-foot height. The second roller coaster of its kind in North America, Intimidator 305, will be the tallest, fastest roller coaster of its type on the East Coast.

The signature feature of this new roller coaster will be the towering 305-foot tall lift hill that will stand high above the rest of the park.

The thrills will begin the moment the train pulls out of the station to begin the 305-foot ascent at a 45-degree angle. Riders will eventually find themselves 30 stories above the ground when they begin the 300-foot drop at 85-degrees that will accelerate the trains to a top speed of 93 miles-per-hour.

Intimidator 350 Roller Coaster Kings Dominion The impressive 305-foot tall lift hill with a 300-foot drop at 85-degrees will stand taller than Kings Dominion's landmark Eiffel Tower observation platform.

"Intimidator 305 will break records as the single largest capital investment in the history Kings Dominion," said Pat Jones, Kings Dominion's vice president and general manager. "The numbers speak for themselves, at a cost of $25 million, a lift hill and first drop close to the height of the park's landmark Eiffel Tower; you'll have to see it to believe it."

After the 300-foot descent, Intmidator 305, will feature a low-to-ground that includes six airtime humps and three high-speed turns. In total the 5,100-foot long ride will last nearly three minutes.

Dale Earnhardt, Inc. is partnering with Cedar Fair Entertainment, owners of Kings Dominion, to bring the massive coaster to life.

Two 32-passenger trains consisting of eight cars will be custom designed to resemble Dale Earnhardt's signature black racing car.

"We're excited to see this new roller coaster celebrate the speed and intensity of the legendary career of Dale Earnhardt," said Jeff Steiner, executive vice president and general manager of Dale Earnhardt, Inc. "There are millions of fans that still honor their racing hero and this is a very real way for them to connect with the spirit and passion of the Intimidatorâ„¢."

Intimidator 305 is a product of Switzerland based Intamin AG, the same company that designed the original "gigacoaster" at Cedar Point in 2000.

Construction of the attraction has already begun in the park's Congo section and it will become Kings Dominion's 15th roller coaster.

Intimidator 305 is expected to debut in April 2010.

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Intimidator 305 artwork courtesy of Kings Dominion. All rights reserved.

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