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August 14, 2009

Roller Coaster Enthusiasts Coming To Worlds of Fun

Kansas City, MO — Hundreds of roller coaster enthusiasts are expected at Worlds of Fun this Saturday for the park's fourth annual Coaster Mayhem, an exclusive event for roller coaster club members.

Coaster enthusiasts from clubs like the American Coaster Enthusiasts, National Amusement Park Historical Association and more will enjoy exclusive ride time (ERT) on the park's roller coasters, including a night ERT session on the new Prowler roller coaster.

Other scheduled activities include a Q&A session with Worlds of Fun staff and catered meal with prizes and contest.

"Coaster Mayhem is a great opportunity for coaster enthusiasts to get together and do what we do best--scream," states Jeff Mast, Missouri Regional Representative for American Coaster Enthusiasts. "We look forward to having club members from across the country experience an incredible ride on Prowler."

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