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June 16, 2009

Six Flags Great Adventure Big Wheel Receives Eco-Friendly Makeover

Jackson, NJ — One of four original attractions at Six Flags Great Adventure, The Big Wheel, received an eco-friendly facelift during the off-season as part of the park's 35th anniversary. The 15-story tall park icon was coated with 101 gallons of vibrant colored paint and is also sporting a new animated light display thanks to the installation of 7,824-energy saving LED bulbs.

The Big Wheel, Six Flags Great Adventure
The Big Wheel received an eco-friendly makeover as part of the 35th anniversary celebration at Six Flags Great Adventure theme park.

Guests visiting in the evening will be dazzled by the new animated light package that includes blooming of the iconic flower petals, chasing rim lights and more.

"The Big Wheel has been an indelible part of guests' memories and has been an icon of our property for the past 35 years," said Six Flags Great Adventure Park President Mark Kane. "It is important to restore it to its original historic beauty while at the same time improving its impact on our environment."

At 150-feet, The Big Wheel has been taking guests above the treetops at Six Flags Great Adventure since it's opening on July 4, 1974. Constructed opposite the original entrance, the ride was designed as a visual anchor to entice visitors to go deeper into the theme park.

Throughout the years of park expansion, the Big Wheel now stands in the heart of Six Flags Great Adventure and is considered a must-ride family attraction.

The eco-friendly change out of the 7,824 original incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs will reduce approximately 8.5 million pounds of carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

Six Flags Great Adventure claims it's the equivalent to removing more than 72 automobiles from the roadways or planting more than 2,850 trees.

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The Big Wheel photo courtesy of Six Flags Great Adventure. All rights reserved.

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