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May 22, 2009

Bizarro Transformation Debuts At Six Flags Great Adventure

Jackson, NJ — The transformation of the Medusa roller coaster into Bizarro is now complete and Six Flags Great Adventure Online and Save! will debut the enhanced roller coaster to the public Saturday morning.

Bizarro Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure unveils the highly-anticipated Bizarro roller coaster to theme park guests Saturday. Enlarge Photo

During the off-season the park has been busy transforming the ride with a new theme based on the DC Comics character — Bizarro. In addition to the theme, the roller coaster is enhanced with new effects including fire, fog and an on-board audio soundtrack.

The story begins as guests enter the queue and continues once they board the eight car trains.

The DC Comics character, Bizarro, is best known as a peculiar Superman-like creature from a parallel Earth known as Htrae where inhabitants believe in "doing the opposite of all Earthly things." Because he is the imperfect duplicate of Superman, his powers and abilities manifest themselves as opposites of Superman's powers including freeze vision, heat breath, spotlight vision and x-ray hearing.

Unlike a traditional roller coaster, Bizarro is of the floorless variety, giving riders the sensation of flying as their feet dangle above the track.

To transform Medusa, Six Flags applied new high-tech special effects, including fire and fog, plus they've got a precisely orchestrated on-board audio soundtrack that combined is designed to deliver a world-class "show" on board the roller coaster.

The roller coaster itself has not changed and still features seven inversions, including a 114-foot vertical loop, 96-foot dive loop, cobra roll and signature zero-G "heartline" roll. However, along the 3,985-foot long ride, riders will experience bizarre scenes and illusions and several blasts of fire.

"Six Flags Great Adventure is recognized for our unique coaster collection and for continually pushing the envelope season after season," said Mark Kane, Six Flags Great Adventure's President. "With this transformation, guests experience a thrill ride so surreal and so menacing, no other coaster compares."

Bizarro was introduced to the public via a unique multimedia, interactive marketing campaign started last fall. The campaign generated community engagement via an alternative reality game.

After an intense five months of online play and more than 500,000 participants, Six Flags Great Adventure hosted a final in-park scavenger hunt rewarding 30 key players exclusive access to the grand opening and the opportunity to be the first riders on the all-new Bizarro roller coaster.

The Bizarro opening at Six Flags Great Adventure Saturday coincides with the grand opening of the Bizarro at sister park Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA.

The opening Saturday also marks the start of the summer season at Six Flags Great Adventure. The park will now be open daily through Labor Day and then weekends through November 1.

Bizarro has a height requirement of 54 inches.

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Bizarro photo courtesy of Six Flags Great Adventure. All rights reserved.

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