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October 24, 2008

Six Flags Great Adventure To Enhance World's First Floorless Looping Coaster

Jackson, NJ -- Six Flags Great Adventure announced plans to enhance the world's first floorless, looping coaster, Medusa. The redesign and upgrades will deliver a multi-sensory ride experience with all-new thematics and innovative, state-of-the-art visual, audio and sensory effects.

"Since it opened in 1999 as the world's first floorless coaster, Medusa has been a fan favorite," said Mark Kane, Six Flags Great Adventure Park President. "This redesign will take one of the park's most popular attractions to the next level."

Six Flags Great Adventure plans to enhance the ride experience with unique storytelling and high tech elements. The park plans to add fire, fog, water and a synchronized audio track to Medusa. The roller coasters three eight-car trains will be outfitted with an on-board audio system to play the new sountrack.

"A similar transformation of the X2 coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles has received widespread acclaim and we expect the relaunch of this ride to shatter that response. It will be a must-ride experience," added Kane.

Unlike traditional roller coasters, Medusa's three trains are floorless, giving riders the sensation of flying as their feet dangle with nothing between them and the track below.

Medusa is one of 13 roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure and has delivered more than 9 million rides since its debut in 1999.

Guests can take advantage of the last change to experience Medusa's original Greek mythology theme during the remaining days of Fright Fest.

Six Flags Great Adventure plans to release more specific details about the Medusa transformation prior to the reopening of the ride in Spring 2009.

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Comment by katie on October 24, 2008 at 4:36:20 am

I think it worked for X it could work for this. I liked the Medusa theme, but if Six Flags wants to re-theme a ride for cheap instead of adding new, then I hope it works out for them!