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October 22, 2008

Six Flags Announces Terminator Coaster For Magic Mountain

Valencia, CA -- Six Flags Magic Mountain announced that they've begun construction for a new $10 million wooden roller coaster. Terminator®: The Coaster will debut Memorial Day weekend 2009 and coincide with the release of the new Terminator Salvation film next summer.

Terminator: The Coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain announced the addition of Terminator: The Coaster, a $10 million wooden roller coaster that will debut at the Valencia theme park in 2009. Enlarge Image

"Our mission at Six Flags Magic Mountain is to provide entertainment that appeals to a wide range of tastes and this specially designed wooden coaster will be a proven winner among guests of all ages," said Jay Thomas, Six Flags Magic Mountain's Park President. "Designed around the theme of the successful Terminator movie brand, this ride will draw thrill seekers from around the world."

Terminator: The Coaster will combine innovative ride technology with the signature science fiction punch of the Terminator brand. The new opening of the new roller coaster is scheduled to conincide with the release of the McG directed film Terminator Salvation™ next summer.

The new roller coaster is custom engineered for Six Flags by Great Coasters International Inc (GCI). The 2,850-foot long ride will feature exciting elements like a loading station "fly-thru" and a state-of-the-art sight and sound package.

According to Six Flags, Terminator: The Coaster will feature a unique queue line and on-board entertainment elements.

Two "Millennium Flyer" trains will descend from a 100-foot tall lift hill and encounter five hills and six high-speed turns banked turns. The roller coaster will combine the acrobatic thrills of a modern roller coaster while retaining the nostalgic look and feel of a classic "woodie".

Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek, co-CEO's of The Halcyon Company, credit Six Flags with taking the ride to the next level in adventure. "The combination of the universe created by the film and the setting of this ride will provide fans with an adventure that keeps the spirit of the story," said Kubicek and Anderson jointly.

The Terminator franchise is a highly-successful series of science fiction films centered around battles between Skynet's artificially intelligent machine network and John Connor's Tech-Com forces and the rest of the human race. Since the debut of the first film in 1984, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and written and directed by Academy Award winner James Cameron, the Terminator films have grossed over one billion dollars worldwide. Terminator Salvation™ is the upcoming fourth installment to the series and is scheduled for a spring 2009 theatrical release.

Construction of the new roller coaster has already begun in the northwest corner of the park, next to Déjà Vu. With the addition of this new attraction, Six Flags Magic Mountain will offer guests a total of 16 different roller coasters

Terminator: The Coaster is slated to debut on Memorial Day weekend 2009.

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Artwork courtesy of Six Flags Magic Mountain. All rights reserved.

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Comment by coastergirl92 on May 18, 2009 at 5:11:29 pm

Six Flags Magic Mountain is the best amusement park ever, and I can't wait to ride Terminator Salvation The Coaster! Wahooooo!