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August 26, 2008

Holiday World Building World's Tallest Water Ride

Santa Claus, IN -- The attention will once again be on Holiday World & Splashin' Safari next summer as the Indiana theme park debuts the "world's tallest water ride."

World's Tallest Water Ride
Pilgrims Plunge will become the world's tallest water ride when it debuts at Holiday World & Spalshin' Safari for the 2009 season.

Pilgrims Plunge, a classic "shoot-the-chutes" ride, will stand an impressive 135-feet tall, beating the current record holder Perilous Plunge at Knott's Berry Farm by 19-feet.

Passengers will board one of five, ten-passenger boats. A dual-sided, open-air elevator will lift the boats up 135-feet where they will briefly pause before beginning a record 131-foot descent at a 45-degree angle.

Traveling at a top speed of 50 miles-per-hour, the boats will create a massive 45-foot high, 90-foot wide splash as they enter the splashdown pool.

Pilgrims Plunge Holiday World Splashin Safari
This classic "shoot-the-chute" ride will take riders to the top of a 135-foot tower to descend a record-breaking 131-foot drop at a 45-degree angle.

"We've dreamed about adding a shoot-the-chute ride for years," says Will Koch, the president of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. "When we saw the opportunity to break the world's record and to use an open-air elevator in the design, we couldn't resist! This is a high-capacity, classic family ride with a modern twist."

Pilgrims Plunge is estimated to cost $4.3 million, making it the second largest ride project in Holiday World's history.

The entire ride will span 1,480-feet and last two minutes and forty seconds station-to-station.

Riders will be safely secured in the ten passenger boats by individual, double-hydrualic valve, overhead lapbars. Pilgrim's Plunge will have a height requirement of 48 inches.

Pilgrims Plunge is being designed by Swiss ride designer Intamin, Ltd.

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Pilgrims Plunge artwork courtesy of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. All rights reserved.

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