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August 12, 2008

Roller Coaster Enthusiasts Coming To Worlds Of Fun

Kansas City, MO -- Riding the world's greatest roller coasters is more than a pastime, it is a passion for coaster enthusiasts! On Saturday, August 16, roller coaster enthusiasts from across the country descend on Worlds of Fun amusement park for the 3rd annual Coaster Mayhem, an exclusive event for roller coaster club members.

Patriot Roller Coaster, Worlds of Fun
Patriot will be one of three roller coasters offered during the exclusive ride time sessions at the Coaster Mayhem event.

Enthusiasts from clubs such as American Coaster Enthusiasts, National Amusement Park Historical Association, Western New York Coaster Club, Mid Atlantic Coaster Club, and more converge on Worlds of Fun to conquer the park's lineup of scream machines.

Coaster Mayhem participants can take advantage of morning and evening exclusive ride time (a.k.a ERT) on three of the park's six roller coasters, including a special 10th birthday party session on the Mamba roller coaster. The event also includes a catered group meal, prizes and contents, plus a Q&A session with Worlds of Fun management and staff.

"Coaster Mayhem is a great opportunity for coaster enthusiasts from all over the country to get together and do what we do best--scream," states Jeff Mast, Missouri Regional Representative for American Coaster Enthusiasts. "Not only do we get to spend the day together on a thrilling collection of rides at Worlds of Fun, but, we also get to meet other club members and swap coaster stories."

For more information about Worlds of Fun and Coaster Mayhem 2008, please visit the Special Events section of

Worlds of Fun is open daily through August 24, and then weekends only through November 2, 2008.

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Photo courtesy of Worlds of Fun. All rights reserved.

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