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June 25, 2008

Cypress Gardens Opens Cirque Acrobat Show

Winter Haven, FL -- Cypress Gardens announced the reopening of it's Royal Palm Theater with the debut of a new acrobatic act, Cypress Cirque.

Cypress Cirque starts with magic tricks performed by the Comedy Botanic Man as guests find their way to their seats.

The show features a mesmerizing hula-hoop act where the performer starts with balancing one hoop and gradually adds more hoops for a slinky-like effect. A demonstration of strength and flexibility takes place when a contortionist synchronizes eye-catching moves and unbelievable poses.

Guests will also be entertained with an interactive plate-spinning act. Comedy is combined with skill as the performer battles to keep each plate spinning.
The show concludes with a father and daughter in a balancing act that exhibits strength and grace.

The park is calling it the "must-see" show this summer.
Cypress Cirque is performed twice at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm Thursday through Sunday. The show is 25 minutes and runs through Labor Day.

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