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June 16, 2008

Hard Rock Turns On Maximum RPM Roller Coaster

Maximum RPM LogoMyrtle Beach, SC -- The wait is over... On Sunday, Amanda Cotton and her family from Myrtle Beach were among the lucky few to take the first spin on Hard Rock Park's new Maximum RPM! Roller coaster. One of the most anticipated attractions at the theme park, Maximum RPM! opened to the public on Sunday, June 15.

Maximum RPM!, located in the British Invasion area of the Park, allows riders to take English-style convertible sports cars on a special test spin while racing to British New Wave hits.

Guests are queued in a brick and steel manufacturing plant-style building that features the world's first Karaoke Queue Line where guests are able to test their skills as a British rock star.

What sets Maximum RPM! apart from other roller coasters is a first-of-its-kind "Ferris wheel" lift that takes the trains from the loading platform level to the start of the roller coaster. Once the trains reach the apex, they are released onto a high-speed test track, hurtling through steeply banked turns as the car stereo cranks. There is even a carwash to look out for at the end.

Maximum RPM Roller Coaster Roller Coaster
Amanda Cotton and her family were among the lucky few to score some of the first seats on Maximum RPM! roller coaster. Enlarge Image

"It was so much fun! It was really exciting that we were the first people to ride the ride," said Cotton.

Among the Cotton family, Roy Edmondson from Myrtle Beach also took the inaugural ride on Maximum RPM!

"The most unique roller coaster experience I have ever rodeā€¦It felt like we were dropping right out of the sky," exclaimed Edmondson.

"Everyone has been waiting for this day," said Steven Goodwin, CEO of Hard Rock Park. "In typical rock 'n' roll fashion, Hard Rock Park is breaking the mold of theme parks with a first-of-its-kind coaster at a first-of-its kind theme park."

With the opening of Maximum RPM!, the world's first rock 'n' roll theme park now boasts a complete list of over 50 shows, rides and attractions.

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Artwork and photo courtesy of Hard Rock Park. All rights reserved.

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