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May 9, 2008

Students Visit Worlds of Fun During Thrill U. Week

Kansas City, MO -- Classes will be moved to Worlds of Fun amusement park to teach students how science, math, language arts, physics, and social studies relate to thrill rides during Thrill U. Week.

Important questions for students will be answered like: How do gravity and centrifugal force combine while soaring on the Patriot roller coaster? What is your potential energy at the top of Mamba?

"Thrill U. Week at Worlds of Fun is a thrilling way to capture the attention of students by setting education in motion," states Dana Barnes, Worlds of Fun's Thrill U. Week Activities Coordinator.

For three days Worlds of Fun is transformed into a giant laboratory on these special days to help students understand how amusement park rides work. Students measure gravitational forces, angular momentum, and velocity using the rides at Worlds of Fun, and apply this information to focused school assignments. Competitive scavenger hunts allow students to navigate the park's 175 acres of thrill rides and attractions while answering educational questions along the way.

"Our collection of world-class coasters and thrill rides provides such a great opportunity for students to learn outside a classroom environment," added Barnes.

This year Thrill U. Week expands with a new educational activity. The World's Best Coaster Building Contest invites students to design and submit their own roller coaster designs.

On each day of Thrill U. Week students make a short presentation to explain and demonstrate their invention. The winner of the coaster building contest will not only receive Worlds of Fun tickets but will also have their ride featured at

For more information about Thrill U. Week, to download classroom exercises, or to purchase tickets visit the "special events" portion of

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